A Guide to Eye Color Wheel: Choose the Perfect Makeup for Your Eye Color

by Usman Sikandar Kathia
A Guide to Eye Color Wheel: Choose the Perfect Makeup for Your Eye Color

Do you know which is the most attractive feature of your face? The answer is your eyes. 

And—choosing the right makeup to enhance their natural beauty can make a world of difference. 

One key to achieving a stunning look is to understand the eye color wheel.

This comprehensive guide on color wheel eye will help you explore the various makeup techniques.

Plus, you’ll learn about the color combinations that can make your eyes pop, no matter what color they are.

Let’s get started!

The Basics of the Eye Color Wheel

Before diving into the specifics of makeup, it’s essential to understand the color wheel for eye color.

The wheel is a visual representation of the color spectrum, demonstrating how different hues relate to each other. 

Complementary Colors on Color Wheel for Eye Color

On the color wheel eyes, complementary colors mean opposite colors. 

And—when perfectly paired together, these colors create a vibrant contrast. 

  • Blue Eyes: Orange and warm tones are the complementary colors for blue eyes. They create a beautiful contrast, making your eyes appear even bluer.
  • Brown Eyes: Turquoise and teal shades, which are on the opposite side of the color wheel from brown, can add depth and vibrancy to brown eyes.
  • Hazel Eyes: Purples and violets can make the various shades within hazel eyes more distinct and captivating.
  • Gray Eyes: Earthy, warm colors like terracotta and rust can add warmth to gray eyes, creating a captivating contrast.
  • Green Eyes: Red and warm plum shades complement green eyes by enhancing their emerald hue.

Makeup Techniques for Different Eye Colors

Let’s explore makeup techniques tailored to different eye colors according to the eye color wheel.

Makeup for Blue Eyes

According to the research, blue eyes have the most enchanting and captivating appearance. 

To make them stand out even more, consider the following makeup techniques. This is according to the color wheel eye.

Earthy Tones

  • Eye Shadow: Warm, earthy tones like copper, bronze, and terracotta can make blue eyes pop, especially when you’re wearing the one night stand costume. 
  • Eyeliner: Brown eyeliner can be a perfect choice for blue eyes. Without overwhelming them, this eyeliner perfectly defines your eyes.

Sunset Shades

  • Eye Shadow: Sunset shades like coral, peach, and salmon can create a mesmerizing look for blue-eyed individuals. 
  • Eyeliner: A soft brown or copper eyeliner can enhance the overall warmth of the way you look.

Makeup for Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are intriguing and can appear to change in color depending on the lighting and the colors you wear. 

To enhance the beauty of gray eyes, consider the following makeup techniques:

Warm and Rusty Tones

  • Eye Shadow: Warm shades like terracotta, rust, and copper can add depth and warmth to gray eyes, making them more captivating.
  • Eyeliner: A brown or charcoal eyeliner complements the overall warm look.

Cool Blues and Purples

  • Eye Shadow: Cool tones like lavender, periwinkle, and soft blues can enhance the coolness of gray eyes, creating a mesmerizing effect.
  • Eyeliner: A soft gray or navy eyeliner can complete this cool-toned look.

Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eyes are rare and captivating, and the right makeup can make them even more stunning. 

Specifically, with your sexy tulle maternity dress, here’s how to enhance green eyes following the eye color wheel:

Shades of Red and Burgundy

  • Eye Shadow: Red and burgundy tones can intensify the green in your eyes. 

Shades like cranberry and wine create a striking contrast.

  • Eyeliner: Opt for a brown or plum eyeliner to define your eyes without overshadowing the color.

Earthy Neutrals

  • Eye Shadow: Earthy neutrals like taupe, olive, and bronze can bring out the earthy undertones in green eyes.
  • Eyeliner: A brown or green eyeliner can complete this natural and appealing look.

Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a delightful mix of colors, ranging from green to brown and even hints of gold. 

According to the eye color wheel, to bring out the various shades within hazel eyes, consider these makeup techniques:

Purple Hues

  • Eye Shadow: Purple and violet shades can emphasize the green and gold flecks in hazel eyes, making them appear more pronounced.
  • Eyeliner: A deep plum or brown eyeliner complements this look.

Earthy Neutrals

  • Eye Shadow: Earthy neutrals like bronze, olive, and taupe can enhance the brown undertones in hazel eyes, creating a natural as well as balanced look.
  • Eyeliner: Brown or green eyeliner works well with this style.

Makeup for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most versatile when it comes to makeup. 

They can pull off a wide range of colors and styles. 

Here are some techniques to enhance their natural beauty as per the color wheel eye pattern:

Pop of Color

  • Eye Shadow: Experiment with vibrant colors like turquoise, teal, or even purple. These shades can add depth and make your brown eyes pop.
  • Eyeliner: A colored eyeliner in a matching or contrasting shade can accentuate your eyes further.

Smoky Eyes

  • Eye Shadow: Brown eyes are perfect for a classic smoky eye. Deep shades like charcoal, black, and dark brown create a sultry and mysterious look.
  • Eyeliner: Black eyeliner adds intensity to the smoky eye, while brown or charcoal eyeliner can create a softer version.

For any eye color, the best is to follow the eye color wheel.

Additional Tips for Enhancing Your Eye Color

Regardless of your eye color, follow these universal tips that can help enhance your eye glamor.


Mascara is a must for defining your lashes and making your eyes pop. 

Consider using black mascara for a classic look.

You can also experiment with colored mascaras that complement your eye color.


Well-groomed eyebrows can frame your eyes and accentuate their color.

Depending on your eye color and personal style, you can use eyebrow pencils, powders, or gels to define and shape your brows.

Lip Color

The lip color you choose can also impact how your eye color is perceived. 

A neutral lip shade can allow your eye makeup to take center stage.

But, the bold lip color can create a more balanced and harmonious look.


Pay attention to the lighting when applying your makeup. 

Natural light is the best for accurate color selection and application. 

If possible, set up your makeup area near a window.

Wrapping it Up!

Having a thorough knowledge of the eye color wheel and the principles of complementary colors is fantastic.

This can help you choose the perfect makeup to enhance your natural eye color. 

Most importantly, your personal style and preferences should guide your makeup choices. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and techniques to find what makes you feel most confident and beautiful.

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